“I met Salaton and Hellen on July 2007. You know – Hellen told me – in Swahili, our national language, we do not have a word to name a  stranger. There is only one meaning “guest”.  I was sitting with them in a restaurant in Narok, and  after a small chat they invited me to visit their home. But that was only the beginning.  I spent three days in Maji Moto at that time.  Three beautiful days, full of discovering not only fascinating Masai culture, but also amazing hospitability of Salaton and Hellen. Without those beautiful people, the magical atmosphere of Maji Moto would not exist.  After some time I brought there my parents. Now I am taking my friends. It is <b>definitely one of the best places in Kenya</b>! Place to stay, discover the culture, or trek next to the wild animals.”

~Marta Milkowska, Poland


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