In 2008, Hellen launched the primary school building project in Maji Moto. With the support of sponsors and the local community, the school was completed in time for the opening of the January 2009 school year. The project was done in cooperation with Enkiteng Lepa Community Based Organization, Asante Africa Foundation and Simba Friends Foundation. It established a 4-class school with administrative buildings, a dormitory and teachers’ houses.

This educational complex will now enable Maji Moto inhabitants – both children and adults – to receive basic education. Evening courses are currently in the works to allow children who must care for livestock during the day, and adults who wish to further their education, to attend school. Thanks to the Maji Moto project, people will have easier access to the job market and will develop their entrepreneurial and business skills. The positive impacts on health, quality of life, and income earning power are immeasurable.

  There is still much to be done, as the school adds class levels to accommodate the growing student population and more children are in need of scholarship. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

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Since 2006 Hellen Nkurayia has been focused on finding international sponsors to support these educational outreach efforts. She also works hand-in-hand with international foundations to support school construction and establish scholarships, and these outreach efforts are paying off.