Tepesua Cultural Camp

Do you want to see traditional dancing and singing in the private setting of the women’s village? Zebras grazing on the plains right from your camp? Come face-to-face with elephants and lions while safely traveling with one of our guides?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Tepesua Cultural Camp is for you!!

Tepesua means Acacia Trees

The camp provides unique Maasai and wildlife experience at the Loita plains laying in the slopes of the famous Loita hills in Narok south county. The Narok town is just 49km  to the famous Maasai mara national park.

Our aim is for the clients to experience and share the authentic Maasai life and culture in a traditional  built Manyattas/Cottages with unique design set up with the local available materials and built by a group of Maasai widows under guideline of Ms Nkuraiya.  We want to preserve our native homes, culture and the environment.

The camp has very hygienic washrooms and showers, all built in a traditional way with locally available materials. The camp has an experienced warrior who speaks fluent English. He is our cook, and will prepare very delicious African food including breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

While at camp, you will be able to visit the widow’s village to learn more about our culture and purchase jewelry and other items that are handcrafted by the widows.

 You will also be able to learn beading, milking, mudding the huts, and experiencewarrior training and learn more about Maasai living with nature, education and wildlife.


Try TEPESUA  CAMP and for sure you will NEVER  REGRET IT!


I met Salaton and Hellen on July 2007. You know – Hellen told me – in Swahili, our national language, we do not have a word to name a  stranger. There is only one meaning “guest”.  I was sitting with them in a restaurant in Narok, and  after a small chat they invited me to visit their home. But that was only the beginning.
Marta Milkowska, Poland
I spent three days in Maji Moto at that time.  Three beautiful days, full of discovering not only fascinating Masai culture, but also amazing hospitability of Salaton and Hellen. Without those beautiful people, the magical atmosphere of Maji Moto would not exist.
Marta Milkowska, Poland
After some time I brought there my parents. Now I am taking my friends. It is definitely one of the best places in Kenya! Place to stay, discover the culture, trek next to the wild animals, or simply – spend an hour bathing in the hot springs during the night.
Marta Milkowska, Poland